What does Identity Governance & Automation do for your organization?

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The benefits of Identity Governance & Automation

The five main benefits of Identity Governance & Automation (IGA) are:

  • Compliance with legislation and IT security standards: with Identity Governance & Automation, companies can automatically monitor and report on employee accounts, access rights and changes that occur here. This provides companies with insight at all times into who has access to which data, applications and systems with which they ensure compliance with legislation, regulations and IT security standards.
  • Efficiency: good Identity Governance & Automation makes it possible to give employees quick access to the necessary resources to work productive. With this, IGA ensures that employees can work productively and efficiently.
  • Cost reduction: with Identity Governance & Automation, repetitive, labour-intensive processes are automated. This can significantly reduce the time IT employees spend on administrative tasks, which reduces costs.
  • Ease: thanks to Identity Governance & Automation, employees no longer have to remember multiple passwords. Single Sign-on (SOO) allows employees to enter login credentials only once to access their assigned applications, information and systems. With this, SSO and IGA make the work of employees more pleasant and effective.
  • Automation: with Identity Governance & Automation, most administrative tasks are automated. By linking access rights to roles, these can be assigned automatically. Standard requests can be automated, resulting in a lower workload for the IT service desk and a faster turnaround time. The lead time and the number of actions required to authorize applications can also be reduced.

How do you successfully implement Identity Governance & Automation?

There are a number of things to keep in mind for a successful implementation of Identity Governance & Automation:

  • Gain insight: it is important to have insight into the identities and roles within your organization and to which information employees should have access.
  • Have a strategy: it must be decided who within the organization will be in charge of identities and access rights. These people must have sufficient insight to determine whether employees should have access to information.
  • Stimulate decision makers: it is important to convince those who provide identity management of the value of IGA in order to keep all processes running smoothly and efficiently.
  • Have a flexible system: there is constant change within organizations as employees enter, leave or move, which requires their access rights to be changed. It is important to have a system that is flexible enough to cope with this instant change of identities and access rights within the organization.
  • Be patient: IGA is especially valuable when implemented across a wide variety of systems. But this must be done carefully and therefore takes time and requires patience.

What is the relation between Identity Governance & Automation and security?

With Identity Governance & Automation, companies have insight into and control over who has access to which data, applications and systems at all times. This makes it possible to ensure that only the right people have access to the right information, under the right conditions. This increases the digital resilience of the organization and helps to ensure that data does not end up in the wrong hands.

Does Identity Governance & Automation really save costs?

Identity Governance & Automation automates repetitive, labour-intensive processes. This significantly reduces the time IT employees spend on administrative tasks. IGA also helps with application rationalization and reducing costs by reducing unnecessary or non-standard software and cloud use.

Does Identity Governance & Automation only benefit large organizations?

The more employees, the greater the benefits that IGA can offer the organization – in absolute numbers. However, the benefits of IGA are not only reserved for large companies. IGA also saves time for smaller companies, and therefore saves costs, with regard to creating employee accounts, granting access rights and arranging the onboarding, reboarding and offboarding of employees.

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