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About Tech Data

The demand and need for technology are constantly changing. Tech Data is the vital link in the tech ecosystem that makes it possible to meet this continuous change. As a leading IT distributor, Tech Data helps to integrate technology and to deliver solutions that enable connection, growth and development. With over 125,000 satisfied customers in more than 100 different countries, Tech Data is one of the largest technology providers in the world.

The connection

According to European research by Insight, organizations spend more than two million euros annually on software licenses that are not being used. About 20% of th epurchased software licenses are unused, and these unused or duplicate licenses result in high unnecessary costs. Provisior and Tech Data see the challenge organizations face and offer them an effective solution. The connection between Provisior and Tech Data offers you insight and control.

The benefits

Thanks to the connections with the IT distributor Tech Data, it is possible to automatically scale up and down your Microsoft 365 licenses via Provisior. This provides benefits in terms of efficiency, control and convenience. After all, your M365 licenses are easy to manage via one platform. You gain insight into the amount of licenses within your organization and these automatically scale up or down when necessary. In this way, you and your employees can work efficiently and you don't pay too much for your M365 licenses for a single minute.