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Send email in name of Provisior

By default Provisior will send emails to users in name of the actor. For instance, if a user requests access to a shared mailbox, and his/her department manager needs to approve this, the manager will receive an email in name of the user requesting. This is convenient, because the receiver automatically sees who made the request. But there are some caveats, it invites receivers of emails to reply to the email instead of taking appropiate action in the portal, and it’s not directly clear that the email is sent automatically by Provisior.

You can change the default behaviour by changing 3 settings in the admin section, found in category Email:

  • Generic sender – use generic sender (set to ‘true’)
  • Generic sender – displayname (set to ‘Provisior’ for instance)
  • Generic sender – Smtp address (set to ‘’ for instance)

You need to recycle the website and restart the service after changing these settings to get in effect.

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