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Show approvers and owner of your IT assets

Have you ever had a user ask who needs to approve a certain asset in your service catalog? Or who is the owner of an application like Visio? With Provisior you can easily configure what details of your assets in the service catalog are shown and to whom. Using the Provisior permissions module you can configure which roles in Provisior will be able to see what.

If you would like to allow all Provisior users to be able to see who is the approver of an asset, look for the “User” role and assign the “Show approvers in catalog details” permission. Only interested in showing the owner of an asset to a specific set of users? Create a custom role, add the users concerned and assign the “Show owner and member manager in catalog details” permission.

In short, you can show the approver(s), owner and member managers to your end users in the catalog using the Provisior permissions module.

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