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Promote usage of the Provisior mobile app

The Provisior mobile app (yes a native one, for iOS and Android 👌🏼) really adds value to the platform. It offers key features that really enable end users, like self-service password reset, workflow approval and role delegation. Personally I can’t imagine myself not using the app.

To be able to use the app, a user needs to connect his/her mobile device to Provisior. Using a secure authentication process, involving scanning a QR code and MFA, the mobile device is registered and linked to the user. So how do you get all your end users to connect their phones? This ideally needs to be as easy as possible. For this, we’ve added the ability to show a tile on the Provisior homepage where a user can connect his device with one click. Once the user has connected his device the tile will be automatically hidden, how clean is that?

Interested in adding mobile capabilities to your Provisior instance or need assistance in adding the tile to the homepage? You can contact us here.

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