The technic behind Provisior

Discover the technic of a new world in which your IT department can offer all IT services in the most efficient way. End users and managers can request and approve IT-related services quickly and easily and have them fully automated.


Provisior as an addition

Self-service also offers a next logical step to HR-departments. Both in the onboarding of new employees and in keeping up-to-date managing the rights due to personnel changes. Provisior builds a bridge between HR and IT management. 
Provisior connects seamlessly with a variety of HR systems via connectors that focus on Identity Management. A new employee wants to get started immediately. But larger organizations often have complex IT management. The number of access systems and applications make it difficult to determine the user-rights that employees need to perform their duties. Sometimes days pass before requested user accounts are processed and verified. In the course of time, extra rights are often assigned but rarely withdrawn. When employees leave a company, the risk may never occur user accounts will remain active months later. Changes in systems, such as new authorization profiles or relocation of offices and facilities, can contribute to inadequate administration. By connecting Provisior to your systems, these situations can be avoided.

Information security and RBAC

Information security is the core of Identity Management. Role Based Access Control (RBAC) is a method to efficiently and effectively implement your information security. When connected to an HR database, Provisior is perfectly suited for Identity Management through Role Based Access Control. This connection results in a single solution for:

  • Reports for audit and compliance
  • Automatic control of user accounts
  • Application integration portal
  • Password management

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