Self Service by Default

Self-service has become the standard in our daily lives. We refuel ourselves, do our banking via the app, scan our groceries. We order and arrange everything we need online, and we do it all ourselves. Ans it’s all made possible by IT, including automated and direct processing.

Why not in our workplaces?

When it comes to requesting IT services on our computers in the corporate networks, curiously self-service is still far from being facilitated by the latter of organizations. Whether it’s a password reset, requesting a software package, a network share or a new mouse: we have to call a service desk, have a ticket made, and wait.

Stop waiting

Provisior brings self-service to the workplace. Allowing numerous self-services, like password resets and software requests, without having to call the helpdesk being able to fulfil your requests through secure direct processing. Where necessary, notifications are sent to the manager’s app, with which approval of requests is a matter of seconds. For example, requested software is immediately and automatically installed and immediately usable. Actually, that should be the most normal thing in the world: Self Service by Default.


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