Self service & Automation

Simplifies the job
  • Self-service facilitates a revolution for IT helpdesks, HR and facility management.
  • By automating standard application workflows, you offer users the possibilities to fill out and submit requests whenever it suits them. They can themselves track the status of progress online.
  • End users and IT management make a leap forward by freeing people for those issues where they can actually make a difference for their organization.

End user Provisioning

Simplicity itself

Provisior offers a service catalogue for end users with the look and feel of a modern webshop. Where feasible these services are automatically executed after going through an optional approval workflow, which significantly reduces the number of standard activities for IT and HR employees. The platform offers possibilities to manage the registration of applications, departments, organizational structures, roles and users (including their rights and assigned services). User Provisioning safeguards grip and keeps managers in control.

Identity & Acces management
Perfectly managed and adhered to
The introduction of the GDPR/AVG has increased the importance of maintaining internal and external security guidelines. By automating the handling of service requests, organizations can fully control the strict abidance of and guaranteed no human errors can sneak into processes. You get full control and insight into user accounts and access to applications (including active monitoring of license usage), services, resources and information.
Role Based Acces Control
Complete control

Provisior offers organizations the possibilities to define and manage roles in a simple, pragmatic way. These roles can be assigned to employees. Each role provides access to applications, services, shared mailboxes, access rights, and so on. Role Based Access Control as intended. In addition, templates of services can be set up. This allows employees to request multiple services at the same time with a single click, regardless of the type of service. I.e. requesting a laptop, access pass, lease car and business cards for onboarding a new employee.

All in one platform
Provisior offers all the tools to automate as many IT, HR and facility tasks as you can imagine. With a direct link to the Active Directory, user accounts and rights are managed, and deployment of applications can be initiated. Through the generic automation platform in combination with user-friendly forms, the full range from simple to very complex management tasks and services can be provided directly to the end users, without the intervention or action of IT service desk. In addition to standard connections with many HR and ITSM systems, the automation platform can be connected to any application and service that offers a file, web service and / or REST Api interface.
Cost awareness
Direct overview and insight
The costs for services and products in use are visible at all levels. Cost statements for software and hardware, data usage and e.g. colour printing can easily be presented at departmental or employee level. This provides more insight and control (cost awareness) to managers with budget responsibility. Services can be moved to other departments, avoiding investment losses or double costs.
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